SNP’s ‘power fail’ on fishing rights

The SNP’s failure to back greater sovereignty on fishing rights as outlined in the new EU-UK agreement is a “power fail”, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

Explained: A deal that takes back control

"The choice was this deal, which enables us to take back control and to build a brighter future for our country, or going back to square one with more division, more uncertainty and a failure to deliver on the referendum."

Ballantyne Raises Awareness for Pancreatic Cancer

This week, Michelle Ballantyne MSP for South Scotland is taking part in raising awareness for pancreatic cancer ahead of the Scottish Parliament’s debate on Pancreatic Cancer.

Meeting with the Prime Minister at No. 10

East Lothian Conservative & Unionist Association Chairman, Tim Jackson and Organising Secretary, Sarah Russell recently met with the Prime Minister at Number 10 Downing Street.