Attainment gap increases for school leavers

The Scottish Government has today released the Summary Statistics for Attainment and Initial School Leaver Destinations publication today, which shows that the attainment gap between the most and least deprived students going to on to university has increased to 35.9 percent.

Cockenzie Power Station decision 'farcical'

Local Councillor for the Preston, Seton and Gosford ward, Councillor Lachlan Bruce, has responded with disappointment to the decision of the Scottish Government to grant approval for Red Rock to build on the site of the former Cockenzie Power Station.

SNP budget fails Scotland

The Scottish Conservatives have voted against the SNP’s budget, as it will widen the tax gap with the rest of the United Kingdom, impose a Car Park Tax, increase council taxes and reduce local government budgets.

SNP and Greens widen tax gap

The Scottish Conservatives have voted against the Rates Resolution in the Scottish Parliament today.

SNP’s broken promise on income tax

The Scottish Conservatives today highlighted the SNP’s broken promise on income tax during the Holyrood debate on the Rates Resolution.

East Lothian MP 'foolhardy' to call for a General Election

In a letter published in the East Lothian Courier, Association Chairman, Tim Jackson, highlights Labour languishing in the latest opinion polls whilst East Lothian MP Martin Whitfield calls for a General Election.