Commenting on East Lothian Council’s response to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the application for the Aikengall 2A wind farm - which was noted at today’s full Council meeting - Cllr Michael Veitch said after the meeting: 


 Commenting on progress on the delivery of the Administration’s Council Plan at today’s Full Council meeting, Cllr Michael Veitch said: “Our over-riding priority as elected members must to ensure that the policies outlined in our Council Plan are being delivered in line with pledges made to the electorate two years ago. 

Tribute to John Stephenson

Speaking at the start of today’s East Lothian Council Cabinet meeting, Cllr Michael Veitch (Dunbar & East Linton) said: “May I say a brief word of tribute to the memory of John Stephenson who died on 13th September. 


Commenting on the news that the new ScotRail contract has been awarded to Abellio, Councillor Michael Veitch said: “I congratulate Abellio on their successful bid. I look forward to securing

Thank you!

Commenting on the Referendum result in East Lothian, Kathryn Smith, Local Leader of Better Together East Lothian said: ‘The people of Scotland have spoken in overwhelming numbers and have chosen unity over division and positive change for the future of our country.

REFERENDUM - local result

  Commenting on the result of the referendum locally, Conservative Group Leader Councillor Michael Veitch said: "I am absolutely delighted that the people of East Lothian have turned out in such large numbers to vote so decisively for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom. 

The Scottish Conservative case for the Union

As Scottish Conservatives and Unionists, our passion for the Union runs deep.    We are as proud to be Scottish as anyone else, but are of the firm conviction that Scotland is best served by remaining the jewel in the crown of the United Kingdom. 


On 18th September we will be asked to make the most important political decision of our lives. We have a choice between remaining part of the United Kingdom, the third largest economy in Europe and the sixth biggest economy in the world or stepping into the unknown of separation.The decision will be irreversible. There will be NO going back.


Speaking during today’s East Lothian Council debate on Council finances, Cllr Michael Veitch (Conservative Group Leader) said: “The most important line in this paper is the final bullet in paragraph 3.4 where we read that: 


 Speaking during today’s full Council debate on 20 mph speed limits, Cllr Michael Veitch (Transport spokesman) said: “The Administration’s Council Plan includes a commitment to introduce 20 mph speed restrictions - where supported by local residents. It therefore gives me great pleasure to speak