Cllr. Bruce calls for public input for upcoming budget

The Council has released their public consultation on the upcoming budget for East Lothian., It is the first look at some of the difficult choices that will be facing all Councillors like myself in the coming weeks .

Mackay should “back Blue not Green”

Finance Secretary Derek Mackay should deliver a “Budget for all of Scotland” rather than yielding to pressure from the Greens, the Scottish Conservatives have said today.

Scotland’s cash boost third highest in UK

The UK Government has given the Scottish government the third highest cash increase out of all the spending areas across the UK, according to the Scottish Conservatives.

Universal Credit Claims Not True

Following numerous claims that 10,000 Scottish people will be left ‘penniless’ at Christmas due to the implementation of Universal Credit link, Michelle Ballantyne, MSP for South Scotland, wants to set the record straight regarding Universal Credit claims.