SNP and Greens widen tax gap

The Scottish Conservatives have voted against the Rates Resolution in the Scottish Parliament today.

SNP’s broken promise on income tax

The Scottish Conservatives today highlighted the SNP’s broken promise on income tax during the Holyrood debate on the Rates Resolution.

East Lothian MP 'foolhardy' to call for a General Election

In a letter published in the East Lothian Courier, Association Chairman, Tim Jackson, highlights Labour languishing in the latest opinion polls whilst East Lothian MP Martin Whitfield calls for a General Election.

Car Park Tax subject to VAT

The SNP’s Car Park Tax is facing yet more criticism as the Scottish Conservatives reveal that, if passed on to employees, the tax would be subject to VAT.

SNP “on Scotland’s back”

The SNP’s Budget has shown that Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP is now “on Scotland’s back”, the Scottish Conservatives have said.