SNP “on Scotland’s back”

The SNP’s Budget has shown that Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP is now “on Scotland’s back”, the Scottish Conservatives have said.

It follows a Budget which includes the widely condemned Car Park Tax, a further widening of income tax rates between Scotland and the UK, and an increase in the cap at which local authorities can increase council tax.

Since the Car Park Tax was unveiled the SNP has been increasingly criticised for a lack of consultation, clarity and the exemption for NHS staff but not low paid workers.

The SNP has also been accused of breaking manifesto commitments on tax, including capping council tax rises and protecting low-paid workers.

The Scottish Conservatives have condemned the Budget as another ‘pay more get less’ Budget.

Murdo Fraser, Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary said;

“Once the SNP liked to claim it was on Scotland’s side. In the days since its shambolic Budget was published, it’s clear Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP is now on Scotland’s back.”

“A broken promises on income tax, a broken promises on the council tax, and now the SNP is in disarray over its punitive new Car Park Tax”.

“When ordinary workers face being taxed to park at work, is it any wonder Scotland is stuck in the SNP slow lane?”

“The SNP’s pay-more get-less Budget is a symptom of a party on the slide, led by a First Minister posted missing.”

“Scotland deserves better than this. We are determined to provide the alternative the country needs.”