SNP and Greens widen tax gap

The Scottish Conservatives have voted against the Rates Resolution in the Scottish Parliament today.

The SNP motion has widened the tax gap with the rest of the United Kingdom, breaking their manifesto pledge and burdening Scots with more tax.

The Scottish Conservatives voted against the motion, keeping their manifesto pledge and highlighted the damage that this tax divergence will do to the Scottish economy.

Murdo Fraser, Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary said:

“The increasing block grant from Westminster means that the SNP has more money to spend and does not need to widen the tax gap between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

“The SNP has broken their repeated promises to the Scottish taxpayers.

“Thanks to the SNP taxes everyone earning over £26,990 a year, ordinary hard-working families, will pay more in tax in Scotland that others pay in the rest of the UK.

“Businesses have repeatedly warned that this tax divergence will be bad for the Scottish economy.

“This is particularly worrying as the Scottish economy has been underperforming, and will continue to underperform, the UK economy as a whole.

“The reality is that no one benefits from the SNP’s tax changes, everyone ends up worse off.”