Scottish Government secrecy Over Inchcape Planning Report

The SNP Government have come under fire this week over their unwillingness the publish the findings and recommendations over the DPEA Report into the Inchcape application at the site of the former Cockenzie Power Station.

The reporter has given her report to the Scottish Government on the Inchcape application including a recommendation on whether the application should be given the go ahead or not. As part of her deliberations, she conducted a site visit as well as holding a public hearing session in Cockenzie Community Centre.

Unusually, the Scottish Government called in the application before the local authority had even had a chance to make a decision on the application. It was called in by Minister Kevin Stewart MSP on the same day Nicola Sturgeon was in China meeting with the heads of the state-owned company that owns Inchcape and has submitted the planning application for the site.

The Scottish Conservatives have criticised the SNP’s handling over the issue and have called on the Scottish Government to publish the DPEA report.

Local Councillor Lachlan Bruce said:

“The Scottish Government denied the local authorities right to make a decision on this application in the first place making the whole process unfair and open to proper local scrutiny.

“The fact that the report still hasn’t been released continues to shroud this whole saga in mystery and will leave many local people wondering what the Scottish Government is doing behind closed doors.”

Michelle Ballantyne MSP for South Scotland commented:

“It’s incumbent on the Scottish Government to be open and transparent over their decision making process.

“During the formation of the report, the public engaged heavily by taking part in public hearings and contributing towards the DPEA report.

“Local stakeholders deserve to know the outcome of the report and, quite frankly, it beggars belief that the Scottish Government have chosen to keep this secret.”