Scotland’s cash boost third highest in UK

The UK Government has given the Scottish government the third highest cash increase out of all the spending areas across the UK, according to the Scottish Conservatives.

Figures taken from the Red Book show that the Scottish Government will receive a cash boost of £1.6 billion, third only to the UK departments of Transport and Health.

This underlines the fact that Scotland is substantially benefitting from the UK budget.

Speaking ahead of the Scottish budget this week, the Scottish Conservatives are calling on the SNP government to acknowledge this latest budgetary increase and pass on that massive increase to Scotland’s public services, without asking taxpayers for even more.

Murdo Fraser, Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary said:

“These figures prove that the Scottish government will benefit enormously from the UK budget.

“While the SNP can’t bring themselves to welcome it, this is a huge investment in Scotland.

“This shows that the SNP government has enough cash to support our ailing public services without asking taxpayers more.

“The SNP has become a “pay more, get less” government. With the Budget this week, that must end.”