Now SNP wants to tax parking at work

Taxing people hundreds of pounds to park at their place of work is part of an SNP triple-tax bombshell outlined in today’s budget.

Finance secretary Derek Mackay stated today he wants councils to penalise those who take their car to work, after striking a controversial budget deal with the Greens.

As part of today’s statement, he also confirmed the further widening of income tax rates between Scotland and the UK, and raised the cap at which local authorities can increase council tax.

That means councils will be able to hike charges by 4.79 per cent, instead of the three per cent previously agreed.

The SNP budget looks certain to pass after Green “co-convener” Patrick Harvie offered his traditional backing of the plans.

The nationalists have also been accused of breaking manifesto commitments on tax, including capping council tax rises and protecting low-paid workers.

Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“Thanks to the SNP, Scots across the country are about to be hit by a triple tax bombshell.

“We will pay the highest income taxes in the UK, council tax will go up, and now you might even be taxed hundreds of pounds a year for taking your car to work.

“Derek Mackay has torn up the promises he and Nicola Sturgeon made to voters at the last election on tax.

“They said they would cap the council tax at three per cent and protect low paid workers.

“All that has been dumped. This disgraceful betrayal of Scottish voters shows once and for all that Nicola Sturgeon’s government simply cannot be trusted.

“The truth is that none of these tax rises were needed.

“The SNP’s budget is rising by £2 billion this year and today Derek MacKay revealed he was being bailed out by a further Barnett consequentials of funding from the UK Government.

“Yet the SNP has the brass neck to attack the UK Government in the same breath.

“Derek Mackay is squandering this union dividend, and it is taxpayers who are having to pay.

“We need a Scottish Government that will grow the economy, protect taxpayers and - once and for all - dump its plan for an unwanted second referendum on independence.

“This budget delivers on none of those objectives and so the Scottish Conservatives will oppose it.”