Mackay should “back Blue not Green”

Finance Secretary Derek Mackay should deliver a “Budget for all of Scotland” rather than yielding to pressure from the Greens, the Scottish Conservatives have said today.

The SNP is widely expected once again to give in to demands from the Scottish Greens for a raft of unpopular tax rises as the price of a Budget deal.

However, shadow Finance Secretary Murdo Fraser said today that the Scottish Conservatives stood ready to back a Budget that delivered for families and businesses.

The Scottish Conservatives have said they are open to supporting a SNP Budget that rules out an unwanted second referendum on independence and addresses the widening tax gap between Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Mr Fraser added that the SNP had no need to increase the tax burden on Scots given the extra £950m he has received from the UK Government following the Chancellor’s Budget last month.

Murdo Fraser, Scottish Conservative shadow finance secretary said:

“Once again, the SNP appears ready today to sign on the dotted line with their fellow independence travellers in the Green party. We know what that will mean: higher taxes for ordinary families.

“My message today to Derek MacKay is to back blue, not Green.

“Rule out a second referendum on independence, address the widening gap between tax rates in Scotland and the rest of the UK – and let’s talk.

“This Budget is a massive opportunity for the SNP Government. Thanks to decisions made by the Conservative UK Budget, he has an extra £950 in his back pocket to spend. There is no need to keep driving up taxes. Mr Mackay can choose instead to back economic growth.

“We need a Budget for growth. Let’s see if Mr MacKay is up for the challenge.”