First full meeting of the new East Lothian Council

Following the first full meeting of East Lothian Council, Conservative Group leader Brian Small, had these comments on the outcomes of the meeting:

On selection of Councillor Innes as leader of East Lothian Council and Labour decision to form a minority administration:

“I would personally like to congratulate Councillor Innes following his selection as Leader of East Lothian Council.

"Labour’s decision to form a minority administration here in East Lothian means that they will require the support of other parties in getting things done for East Lothian.

"For our part the Conservative Group look forward to offering a robust and constructive opposition to the minority Labour administration. We will offer our help and support to those policies and measures, we believe are in the best interest of East Lothian.”

On selection of Councillor McMillan as Provost of East Lothian Council:

“I would like to offer my congratulations and best wishes to Councillor McMillan on his ascension to the position of Provost. I am sure as Provost, Councillor McMillan will do an excellent job chairing our council meeting and representing our county to the wider world.”