East Lothian will benefit greatly from the City Region Deal

In a letter to the East Lothian Courier, ELCUA Chairman Tim Jackson hails the benefits to East Lothian of the Edinburgh and South of Scotland City Region Deal.


"Sir, Willie Innes was right to praise the impact of the Edinburgh and South of Scotland City Region Deal (New programme to help thousands of residents into work. Courier.27 December)

Not only has it provided investment to the Integrated Regional Employability and Skills programme, but it will provide hundreds of millions of pounds more to the region over the coming years.

This investment by the UK and Scottish Governments will see over £1 billion spent and will undoubtedly help increase job creation as well as providing a welcome economic boost to our area.

The City Region Deals that are being pioneered by the Conservative government aim to build on existing strengths to open up new possibilities for the future in Scotland and the whole of the UK as part of the modern Industrial Strategy.

I for one look forward to seeing the benefits this ambitious and visionary Deal  brings to East Lothian for many years to come.

Yours etc.,

Tim Jackson, Chairman East Lothian Conservative & Unionist Association"