East Lothian SNP Branch Criticised Over Maternity Leave Comments

The East Lothian branch of the Scottish National Party has come under fire this week after their remarks about Ruth Davidson being on maternity leave.

The East Lothian arm of Scotland’s governing party took to twitter this week to criticise Ruth Davidson. In response to a tweet from the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, the @EastLothianSNP twitter handle posted:

“Odd that your maternity leave has kept you from saying anything about the Withdrawal Deal and it’s impact on Scotland, but you can take time out of your maternity leave to comment on Tory party matters.

Confirmation of you priorities, party before country.”

The SNP group criticised the Edinburgh MSP for not being more active during her maternity leave. Ms. Davidson gave birth to her son, Finn Paul Davidson, on 26th October this year and is currently six weeks into her maternity leave.

Michelle Ballantyne, MSP for South Scotland, has raised her concerns with the remarks made and has called for clarification from SNP MSPs.

Michelle Ballantyne MSP commented:

“By criticising Ruth Davidson for spending time with her new-born son, the SNP seem to be suggesting that women shouldn’t be allowed to take maternity leave.

“I’m sure that most people will agree with me that this completely ridiculous.

“Ruth is only six weeks into her maternity leave and it seems as though the local SNP care more about criticising a mother spending time with her child than they do about the rights that mothers have.

“I would be interested in hearing clarification from SNP MSPs regarding whether this is position is held by the rest of the SNP or if he agrees with me that his party’s comments were out of line.”