East Lothian MP 'foolhardy' to call for a General Election

In a letter published in the East Lothian Courier, Association Chairman, Tim Jackson, highlights Labour languishing in the latest opinion polls whilst East Lothian MP Martin Whitfield calls for a General Election.


"Sir, Martin Whitfield, MP has recently indicated, in regard to Brexit, what many of his Labour Party colleagues have been advocating, namely a General Election.

"This is surprising when the latest Opinion Polls show his Party languishing behind the Conservatives, mainly due to Labour’s discredited Brexit policy, but also because of concerns about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and many of his Party’s left-wing, outdated, economic policies. Meanwhile, leaked figures have revealed that Labour Party membership has been declining across every area of Scotland. Indeed, Labour’s membership in East Lothian has fallen by over 4 % within the last year.

"Mr Whitfield’s calls for a General Election are therefore perhaps foolhardy particularly when here in East Lothian membership of the Scottish Conservative Association has increased threefold since 2016. 

"Crucially, Mr Whitfield seems to have forgotten that, in the last four Elections held in Scotland since 2016, the Scottish Conservative share of the vote here in East Lothian increased significantly more than any other political party on each occasion.

"Yours etc, Tim Jackson,

"Chair East Lothian Conservative & Unionist Association"