Councillor Bruce launches petition about Prestonpans Ash Pipe

Scottish Conservative Councillor Lachlan Bruce has launched a petition calling for Scottish Power to reveal what they plan to do with the ash pipe that runs along the coast of Prestonpans.

There are long standing concerns that the pipe could be abandoned by Scottish Power and the community has been calling for Scottish Power to reveal what their plans are. Both letters and emails from Councillor Bruce and Prestonpans Community Council have so far gone unanswered.

Councillor Bruce has asked a number of questions he believes that the community has the right to know the answer to. These are:


1. Can Scottish Power confirm if a professional survey of the condition of the pipe exists?

2. Can Scottish Power confirm who the landowner of the site is and what relationship exists between the landowner and Scottish Power?

3. Can Scottish Power confirm if a monitoring schedule is in place for the pipeline?

4. Can Scottish Power confirm if a maintenance schedule is in place for the pipeline?

5. How much does Scottish Power expect to spend on maintenance costs?

6. Do any Service Level Agreement for the maintenance of the pipeline exist?

7. Can Scottish Power confirm if a risk assessment is in place for the pipeline; for example, could it withstand a major storm?

8. The encasement forms part of a public walk-way but isn’t currently maintained to that standard, can Scottish Power confirm what action they will take to remedy the situation?

9. Will Scottish Power consider engaging with local bodies, such as the community council, with funding to compensate Prestonpans for the industrial scaring that has been left by the pipeline?

10. How can residents in Prestonpans register any defects or concerns about the pipeline with Scottish Power?

11. What will happen to the pipeline if Scottish Power cease to exist?

12. How can Scottish Power reassure Prestonpans residents the pipeline and the maintenance, monitoring etc. will not be forgotten over time and will not fall to the local authority to deal with?


Commenting, Councillor Lachlan Bruce said:

“People in Prestonpans deserve the right to know what is happen in their community.

“This pipe has the potential to be a massive issue for the entire Firth of Forth area in the future if it isn’t maintained properly by Scottish Power.

“I wrote to Scottish Power in November yet they have still not responded. That is why I have taken the step of asking the for public’s help to get answers to these very serious questions.”


Add you voice by signing the petition.  You can do so by following this link: