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Congratulations to the new Aberdeenshire councillors

The East Lothian Conservative and Unionist Association would like to congratulate Iain Taylor and Colin Clark on winning the recent Aberdeenshire Council by-elections. Colin Clark won in Inverurie and District with a gain from the Liberal Democrats, while Iain Taylor was elected in Banff and District in a gain from the SNP.

The SNP should start concentrating on the day job

In a letter to the East Lothian Courier, Association Chairman Tim Jackson says it's time that George Kerevan MP and his SNP colleagues started concentrating on the day job.

Councillor Michael Veitch enters a new chapter

It is with very mixed feelings that we announce that Councillor Michael Veitch will be standing down at next year's Council elections.  East Lothian's loss will be very much Northumberland's gain as Michael is to become a minister.

SNP housing plans would be a disaster for East Lothian

Writing in today's East Lothian Courier, Councillor Michael Veitch says SNP housing plans would be a disaster for East Lothian and that the blame for the pressure to build more housing in Musselburgh must lie with the Scottish Government.

SNP Boundary Change claims untrue

Writing in today's East Lothian Courier, Association Chairman, Tim Jackson, refutes the SNP's boundary change claims.

Council underspend reflects hard work

As reported in today's East Lothian Courier, East Lothian Council budget spending was 2.1 per cent below expected in the first quarter of this financial year.  Councillor Michael Veitch weclomed this as "good news".