Speaking during today’s full Council debate on 20 mph speed limits, Cllr Michael Veitch (Transport spokesman) said:

“The Administration’s Council Plan includes a commitment to introduce 20 mph speed restrictions - where supported by local residents. It therefore gives me great pleasure to speak in support of this paper which seeks to introduce three new 20 mph areas in Cockenzie, Tranent and North Berwick. 

“We recently got the ball rolling with the establishment of the 20 mph limit in the Hallhill area of Dunbar, and my thanks to the previous Administration and to Sustaining Dunbar for the ground-work done for that scheme.

“Prior to these proposals before us today being drawn up, it has been my pleasure to chair several meetings with the 20 MPH campaigners. I look forward to more such schemes being developed, perhaps in East Linton, where support has already been canvassed and which I believe would be an ideal candidate.”